display all articles of a defined category on a blog-style news page

3. Below, Where it says "choose a category", click on Select, then select the category created in step 1 that goes with that language.

4. Set the Template style that corresponds to the language

5. On the low right hand side, select the right language

On every Joomla site, repeat steps 2-5 until there is a "News" menu item for every language. This you only have to do once for every site.


Now when you write a new article, all you have to to is two things to publish them (instead of having to create a menu item for every article):

1. When you write the article, make sure that on the right hand side, you assign the article to the category "News" that corresponds to the language, and set the correct language.
2. Insert a "Read More" separator in the article, ideally after the first text paragraph. That way, on the blog page, the title of the article and only the intro text will be displayed, followed by a "Read More" button leading to the full article.

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